Monday, July 20, 2009

Welcome Back To Me

So here I am. After several months I am finding myself returning here to Things in life kinda just took control for awhile and I didn't really find a reason to write here anymore. But now I am back, mainly out of boredom I guess.

My life in Egypt is now over. I have returned to the United States, and have yet to see if its for the better. Since my last post much has happened. I have broken up with my internet boyfriend, fallen in love with someone else, graduated high school, left the man I love behind in Egypt, and moved back here.

I wish that I could say things with my family in Egypt were on good terms when I left, but unfortunately they weren't. As I may or may not have mentioned in previous posts, things had been tense between me and my parents (dad and stepmom) on and off throughout the whole year, but I suppose it all came to a head in May, and just never got any better. But sometimes that's life I suppose.

Graduating was amazing. I have never been so excited and so scared all at once. At the beginning of the year I thought that I would never fit in at the Modern English School of Cairo, but I can now say that I have truly found a home in Egypt. I made so many amazing friends that when it came time to walk down that stage and shake hands with the people handing out our diplomas, I felt as though I were ending an amazing adventure. But it also felt like I was beginning something new and amazing as well, a new adventure that is just the beginning of my life. I know that while I may have had to say goodbye to many dear friends and even my boyfriend, that it isn't really goodbye. While I don't know whats entirely in store for me in the near future, I know that I will see all of them again as well as Egypt. There are still many things and places that I had yet to do and visit there that I know there is a whole other adventure awaiting me at some point in my life that will take me back to Cairo.

As many people have told me, my life is just now starting. Only it feels as though someone has pushed pause on the dvd remote. I suppose that's not necessarily true though. While things have taken a different turn from what I originally planned, things are slowly beginning to happen, I'm just a very impatient person who gets excited about all the possibilities that life has to offer that I wish something new and exciting, or even something old and loved, would happen everyday to make things more exciting.

Originally, the plan upon graduating from high school was to take a year off from school before attending culinary arts school. Well unfortunately that isn't exactly what's happening. I am now attending New Mexico State University come August 17th. I am planning on triple majoring haha, but something tells me that isn't exactly going to happen. I am currently only signed up for classes through one advisor. My three majors (at least that I plan to pursue) are Hotel and Restaurant Management, Music, and French (in no particular order lol). But we will see I suppose.

Next on the list of my life involvements would be work. While I still plan (and will follow through on this plan as it's my life long dream) to be a chef, I am going to be starting at Convergys, a telecommunications company who answers calls for AT&T customer support haha. I think that it may prove to be an interesting job, and more to the point it pays well and I get insurance benefits which is pretty good.

So while there are some bad things, there are also some good things. While I had to say goodbye to some friends, I have already said hello to some new ones. And while I had to say goodbye to my boyfriend in Egypt, I know that I will get to say hello to him again soon enough. So if life is just beginning, I am here to face everything that life has to throw at me. Bring it on life, I'll take everything you've got to throw my way and throw more right back at you.

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