Monday, March 2, 2009

Another funny exchange with the bus lady

So on the home from school today, there was another amusing exchange between us high school kids and the bus lady. I got on the bus today and sat in the back seat with this girl who is in the spring musical We Will Rock You with me, and as we were heading home she was showing me a video of Chris Brown (shes madly in love with him). Now mind you, I don't really care for Chris Brown much, and even less since he beat up Rihanna. So when the girl next to me is on the verge of an orgasm at the sight of him I couldn't help but to burst out laughing (and of course I have a very loud and boisterous laugh). So of course my sudden laughing caught the attention of the bus lady who proceeded to turn around and just flat out stare at me and the girl next to me. The following conversation ensued:

Girl: "Can you stop staring at me, I hate it when people stare at me!"
Bus lady: "No."
Girl: "Why?"
Bus lady: "Because it's my job to stare at you."

Now at this point, the only other kid on the bus was the boy mentioned in yesterday's post, and he had been talking on his phone to his mother this whole time, but now he's hung up and is staring at the bus lady as if she were Medusa and had petrified him in his seat.

Boy: "Since when was your job to stare at us?"
Bus lady: "Since now."
Boy: (in english as the prior convo had been in arabic) "Hey lets just sit here and stare right back at her and make her feel awkward."

So we all then proceeded to stare right back at her, and the bus lady didn't quite know what to make out of our reaction to her staring at us, so feeling uncomfortable she turned around and faced back to the front of the bus. As soon as she had turned back around we all burst out laughing hysterically, at which she turned back around and stared at us more. So this time I spoke up.

Me: "What do you want?" No response "Why are you staring at us?!"
Bus lady: "Because. Can I know whats so funny that has you all laughing?"
Boy: "It's none of your business."
Bus lady: "Everything is my business if it is about the school."
Girl: "It has nothing to do with you or the school."
Bus lady: "Is that a mobile phone? Because I'm supposed to confiscate your mobile phones!"

She seemed to give up trying to torture us for the day and then spent the rest of the bus ride staring out of the window. Honestly these people who work at my school have no clue of how to work with children. And they are so damned nosy!

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