Sunday, March 1, 2009


So I have decided to return to writing my blog. So I thought I would start off with a little rant about how dumb the bus lady who rides on my bus with us loser highschoolers each day is. Today when I got on the bus I sat in my seat and opened the curtain (I happen to enjoy the warm sun you know). The bus lady turns to me and asks me to close the curtain. I'm baffled and like huh? So mind you I have long since decided that I don't like this woman so I asked her why and she replied " I don't have a good reason. Just close it." So I told her no, and when the other boy got on the bus she asked him to tell me in english (the convo had been in arabic, but im just a dumb american so what do i know right?) and he and I just exchanged looks that said shes psycho.

So we are halfway down the street when the bus lady turns around again and demands that we close the blinds because she doesn't want men to see her. (now I am really accepting and understanding of religious women who feel the need to cover themselves given that they are Muslim, but this woman, while she is veiled is a hypocrite who wears clothes so tight there is no room for imagination). So the other boy says to her no that she has her curtain open so men can see her from that window, and so she says no its from that side I don't want them to see me. Whatever.

Ok honestly. Women out there who choose to be (or are raised etc etc) Muslim, I fully understand and support you, but when you choose to put on the veil it is to be "modest". Whatever "modest" is supposed to mean, I can assure you that when you wear clothing that is so tight fitting that it leaves no room for any man to want to imagine you and also it gives you a camel toe, I have to say, you aren't modest.

Plus its just damned ugly and not something I want to see.

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