Sunday, March 1, 2009

Snow days or (rather lack thereof on my part)

So I woke up today to yet another E-mail form the weather channel informing me that Westford public schools have been closed due to snow. Yet again.

Honestly? How retarded is that superintendent? This is approximately the 25th time this year that schools in New England have been closed due to snow. What now that I have moved away from the area you decided to have all of your snow days? So not cool.

I wake up to yet again another boring morning here in Egypt, and all I can think is how I can't wait till I wake up and I'm not in this bed or this room. I can't wait until I go home to the states, as much as I have enjoyed my time here.

So yes a typical morning. Me having a pity party and wishing I could skip school. The usual.

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Ashlinn said...

hee. the non-seniors are in school until the 25th of june!!! and still counting :P
It's a great year to be a senior :D