Tuesday, September 30, 2008

So once again I am returning to my blog about a week after my last post. Things here in Egypt have been a little hectic with Ramadan coming to a close, and the Eid holiday approaching. Of course everyone here goes away for the Eid holiday, but, am I? No. My father gets to go to the States today until the end of the week >.< but he will really be on planes more than he will be in the country haha.
So last Thursday was very interesting for me. I went home with my friend Bray again and things were a tad bit awkward at first because her new boyfriend came over, and he didnt talk much, and it was kind of like she was talking to me more than she was to him, but at the same time I appreciated the fact that she didn't just like completely ignore me for him. Then a couple of her other friends (whom I quickly became friends with) came over and later we all went to this cute restaurant called Ethos in Maadi. While we were there a bunch of other random people whom I had never met showed up, but they were all super cool, and later we went to Bandar for some sheesha and to hang out.
After Iftar, Bray and Chris (the bf) stayed at Ethos and we ( me and the random new people I met haha) meandered our way over to Bandar. On the way though our numbers which started at like 15 slowly dwindled and by the time we actually got to the place we were down to about six of us including me haha. We were at Bandar for quite awhile, and somewhere in that time our group changed again, and a bunch of kids from one of the other schools (American International School) showed up, and then we all went to a bar called Dragon House. This bar was kind of weird. Like they actually served alcohol and everything and everyone was like Tequila! and im like ew tequilas nasty shit. haha. so instead a had a Tia Maria which is like way sweetend scotch. tres good. after that though I went home for eleven thirty cuz a. that was my curfew and b. I was really tired.
So like its been almost a week, and while I exchanged numbers with all the new people I met on Thursday night, I highly doubted that we would ever actually like get together again, but last night while I was out at the pool with Erika and Eli, a bunch of them texted my phone and were like, "We are at Bandar come now!" haha. All because its Eid holiday here now.
It is so nice being able to sleep in and not having to worry about having to have all my homework done for todays classes. Though I seriously slept till about 9 am today, but when I woke up I thought it was after noon, and I was all mad at myself for sleeping so long until I looked at my clock and I was like oh.... haha.
Oh so I am pretty sure that everyone at school knows my sexuality now. I mean word travels really fast at my school, but like I tried to keep this on the low so to speak because of a. where I am in the world, and b. because I wanted them to get to know for who I am not for who I like to have sex with you know? But overall things have gone well on that front, and all of my friends remain my friends at this point haha, and the cute boys who I really like still talk to me, and seem to not have changed how they feel around me. I mean one I know is completely straight, but the other one? who knows. He is such a rebel though, and it is such a turn on haha. And he doesn't shave everyday (not that I do but we are supposed to) and he looks so sexy with some stubble hahaha.

Here are some pictures from my school's Senior Iftar:

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