Sunday, September 21, 2008

school and surprises

Sorry I havent posted in a while, but things here have been pretty busy for me. I am having a great time at school. I had set up a get together with a bunch of people from school for Iftar on friday, but it unfortunately was a bust. However my dad made it up to me by taking me out for some sheesha and some coffee at the Katameya clubhouse. It was fun.
The People at the club always gives us a hard time during Ramadan whenever we go for either dinner or sheesha saying that everything is reserved, but the place is always absolutely dead. although it being a friday there were quite a few people there, but we usually go during the week and NO ONE is there haha. So we are always like when you need our table we will leave, but the never need our table lol.
So today I had somewhat of a shock during study hall. I was working on an essay that I have due tomorrow when one of the guys, Kareem, the joker, said to me, "So I have a question for you, and it isnt to be mean or anything I am just curious. I saw something on your facebook this weekend, and, well, are you really gay?" at first I was a little scared of what the reaction I would get when answering him, but I decided it was best to just be honest with him, so I said yes. "wow!" he said "Do your parents know?" of course they do. granted sometimes I think that erika has a hard time accepting me for who I am, but I will get to that a little later. So things with Kareem went well, and the feeling as though I had been shoved back into the closet have lessened. I am glad that someone knows.
So this weekend, before putting Eli to bed, Erika, Eli and I were watching SNL and AFI came on for a performance and when my brother saw the lead singer he was like, " Mom is that a boy or girl?" Now I dont know if you have seen him, but he is very effeminate, he has long hair (like I had up until very recently) a lip piercing, and is wearing tight clothes and make up. So for a nine year old I can understand him asking this question as he doesnt see that kind of thing very often, so naturally I would have expected Erika to use the opportunity to teach him something new.
Instead to my absolute horror she said, "I dont have a clue!" with a look of disgust on her face. I was like what the hell is that supposed to mean? She told me that it was a legitimate question, and that this is reality Im living in. and I felt as though I had been smacked.
I was really upset about it for a while, but I am over it now. So that is all for now as I am at school now so I will add more laters!

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