Wednesday, September 3, 2008

So today was quite the adventure. As Ramadan kicks into full swing over here in Egypt the locals begin to act a little crazy, what with the lack of food, water, sex and smoking for over twelve hours each day.
We went to go pickup my uniform for school today (as previously told that they would have the shirts and pants available for seniors. We have our own "special" uniform that makes us stand out from the lower grades. yipee!), but, you guessed it folks! No uniforms! And why might you ask? Oh well the reasoning they gave us was, "Oh no uniforms because Ramadan." Erika and I just exchange glances and are like, "Fine!" and we leave haha.
This is becoming a little ridiculous. Today was the fourth time that they have told us that we will have to come back another day to pick up a uniform for me, but school starts on Monday!!! And my school is so absolute in their rules that if I don't have a uniform then I will not be allowed into the building! GAH!
As much as I love this country, it has it's downfalls just like all the rest, and one is this month of Ramadan.
As it happens to be we have this little luncheon that we usually go to every week. Just Erika, Eli, and I. However due to the fasting that goes on during the day, everything, let me repeat, EVERYTHING is closed when it comes to food. It took us two hours to find a friggin restaurant we could go and eat at, and then we had chosen it because they said they were doing sheesha (water pipe), but then when we ordered it they were all like oops sorry not for another hour. So Erika was like, " ok we are leaving and we will go to the american restaurant I like across the street instead"
Later on today Eli had a check up for his ear canals as he recently had tubes put in his ears to irrigate and make hearing easier for him. But would you guess that the doctor wouldn't show up because he was too busy praying for forgiveness because he thought about drinking some water during Ramadan!? GAH. Of course I didnt really mind because I spent all the time that Eli and his mom were waiting in one of the local coffee shops called Costa Coffee enjoying some coffee while chatting with some of the french students who live here with their families. I discovered that Costa is their hangout spot, and thanks to my speaking french i had an amazing time and did quite a bit of flirting with several of the boys who were SO good looking hahaha.
All in all Ramadan is just a really crazy time here for everybody. I like all the decorations and everyone is generally in a better mood than usual because they feel that this month is a time where they have to be completely free from sin, which means no evil thoughts lol. So people are nicer, at least I think. Erika was a little put off though because she didnt get things that she wanted done and places that we needed to go were closed (my school supply store closed at 330 and we got there at 345), so to make it up to here for having such a stressful day I made good ol' American nachos for dinner! They were a really big hit as I have my own unique style of making them and everyone loved em!

Good Ol' American Nachos

  • 2 cans of refried beans
  • 3 cups your choice of cheese
  • 1 med. onion
  • 1 1/2 bags Tostitos restaurant style chips
  • 2 jars Salsa
  • 3 chicken breasts (shredded)
Preheat the oven to 450 degrees F

The first thing you want to do is boil the chicken breasts till they are cooked through and can be shredded easily. Once its cooled shred the chicken into bite size morsels, and set aside.
In the meantime, while your chicken is boiling put the two cans of beans in a pan and set to medium heat until they are fully cooked and can spread more easily. While thats cooking line the bottom of a deep baking dish with the first bag of chips, and shred your cheese, and chop your onion. When the beans are ready spread half of them out over the chips evenly.
Once the chicken is cool enough, and you have shredded it, spead about a handful over the beans. Take your first jar of salsa and spread evenly over the chicken and the beans. Sprinkle about half of your cheese over the chicken and beans (enough so that it will be nice and melty all over the place). When the cheese and the salsa are all hot and bubbly it tastes really good.
Now add another, thinner layer of chips on top of your cheese, followed by more beans then chicken, and salsa. Finally add the remaining cheese, and top everything with your onions. Now pop the whole thing into the oven for about ten minutes until all the cheese is completely melted. I like it a wee bit crispy on the edges as does Erika. You also want to use a fork to lift some of the top layer to check and make sure that the cheese in the middle is melted too!

Haha this is all thats left after a night of munching them down. I leave them out for a little while so that every time I enter the kitchen i can pick off some of the yummy crispy cheese.

Oh I got my hair cut for school today. It's kind of weird having such short hair. For so long my bangs have covered my eyes and then I went down the pathway of hair extensions hahaha. But everyone ( being my immediate family thinks that its cute lol). So here's a picture to show you all my new style.

Next to go is my chin-strap. *tear* The things that I do for school.

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